Free Steam Wallet Codes

Steam Wallet Codes make it easy for you to put money in your account, even with cash.

How do they work?
Steam Wallet Codes look and act just like game keys except they put money directly into your wallet. Once you have your Steam Wallet Code, log into your Steam account (or make one if you don't have one) and go to "Redeem a Steam Wallet Code" (which takes you right to this page). Then -POOF!- you're ready to have fun and get what you've always wanted on Steam. Right now, we only have them available in the United States and in $20 and $50 denominations.

Where do I get one for Free?
You can get Free Steam Wallet Codes at SteamPowers.Net. You just have to create a free account and earn points by completing surveys/offers. The code will be emailed to you.

How do I redeem my code?
To redeem the voucher code and fund your Steam Wallet please log in to your Steam account and navigate to the "Games" menu and select "Redeem a Steam Wallet Voucher...".
Additionally, you can redeem the Wallet Code on through your web browser by going to

You will then be prompted to enter the key as it is shown on your GameStop Receipt. The code will be listed on your receipt and will be in this format: 1AB2C-D3FGH-456I7

What is the Steam Wallet?
You can read more about the Steam Wallet here.